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COVID-19 Update: Russia opens air borders for Serbia, Cuba and Japan

15 Oct 2020 6:00 AM | Deleted user

Dear CERBA Members and Partners,

According to the information kindly provided by CERBA Corporate Member – Intermark Relocation, please be informed that in accordance with the government decree No. 2649-r dated October 14, 2020, restrictions on entry into the Russian Federation through air checkpoints have been lifted for citizens of Serbia, Cuba and Japan, as well as for persons permanently residing in these countries.

What are the changes?

The list of countries whose citizens and residents are allowed to enter the Russian Federation through air checkpoints has been updated with 3 items, and now includes 14 countries:

- UK
- Tanzania
- Turkey
- Switzerland
- Egypt

- Maldives
- Kazakhstan
- Kyrgyzstan
- Republic of Korea

- Belarus
- Serbia
- Cuba
- Japan

We would like to remind you that the possibility of entry and the possibility of issuing invitations and visas applies to citizens or permanent residents of abovementioned countries, provided they enter the Russian Federation by flight from the same respective country.

Regular flights with Japan will resume from November 1, 2020. There is no confirmation on the official government website when regular flights with Serbia and Cuba will be resuming.


- HQS workers, their family members and technical maintenance specialists from the abovementioned countries can enter the Russian Federation with a valid visa, however, the possibility of issuing new invitations and work permits for them in practice does not apply. To obtain these documents, it is still necessary to include such foreigners in the state approved lists.

Who is affected?

Citizens of Serbia, Cuba and Japan, permanent residents of these countries and organizations that invite them.