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1. Program «Canada-Ukraine authorization for emergency travel» (CUAT)

Step by Step guide to the application process (Russian)
Steb by Step guide to fill the application online (Russian)
Additional Immigration Support for Those Affected by the Situation in Ukraine (English) - Canadian Federal Government
Apps and resources upon Arrival to Canada
1. Find a place to stay at Worldwide
Ukraine take shelter project
Canada Host Ukrainins
2. Job research and applications
Jobs for Ukraine
Find a job in Canada as a newcomer
3. Saskatchewan Supports Ukraine
housing, financial support, employment, health care, education and childcare, immigration pathways, settling in Saskatchewan, etc.
4. Alberta Supports Ukraine
5. British Columbia helps Ukraine
6. Manitoba for Ukraine
7. Newfoundland and Labrador helps Ukraine
8. Ontrio welcomes Ukraine
9. PEI helping Ukraine
10. Welcoming Ukraine to Quebec
11. Yukon family support desk
How else to help 1. CMAT program - volunteer at the Polish-Ukrainian Border for nurcers and medical prefissionals (free transit from Canada to Poland and place to stay at)
General info
2. Canada-Ukraine Congress - propose your services to assist ukrainins fleeing to Canada
General info about UCC
Your proposal/service
3. Create an Employeer file to hire Ukrainians
Create a file and submit form
4. Fundraising and Charities to donate to
LIST of Employeers    
  Saskatchewan jobs