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Russia: Government approves list of actions required from inviting parties

29 Sep 2020 10:00 AM | Anonymous

Dear CERBA Members and Partners,

On the basis of the information kindly provided by CERBA Corporate Member – Intermark Relocation, please be informed that the Russian government has approved a list of measures that inviting parties must undertake to ensure foreign national’s compliance with the purpose of entry and the term of stay in Russia.

The relevant decree came in force on 25 September 2020 and will remain effective for 6 years.

Which law introduces the changes?

Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation dated September 15, 2020 No. 1428.

What are the changes?

The decree establishes regulations which set out the list of measures undertaken by inviting parties and specifics of their implementation.

The following 4 measures are envisaged:

1. The inviting party or its representative provide the foreign national with its contact details as follows:

– before arrival when arranging the invitation or upon arrival to the place of stay in Russia

– in arbitrary form

– by any means available including sending email with read receipt or presenting in person with signature of acceptance

In case of subsequent entries in Russia under a multiple entries visa, providing contact details is not necessary.

2. The inviting party implements guarantees of providing financial, medical and accommodation security on terms outlined in letters of guarantee which are provided during arrangement of invitation letters.

NB! In accordance with the decree of the Russian Government dated 24.03.2003 No. 167 the inviting party must guarantee to provide invited foreign nationals with the following:

a) funds for the period of their stay in Russia in the amount of no less than subsistence minimum set in a specific Russian region as well as funds needed to leave Russia

b) salary in the amount of no less than minimum wage set by federal law for those who arrive for the purpose of work

c) medical insurance policy or funds for getting medical assistance in case of need

d) accommodation for the period of stay in Russia in accordance with the social standard of housing room area set in a specific Russian region

We would like to mention that implementation of the above guarantees by inviting parties is also directly envisaged in the law dated 25.07.2002 No. 115-FZ “On legal status of foreign nationals…”

3. The inviting party assists the foreign national in fulfillment of the declared purpose of entry by performing actions which are separately stipulated for each of the following purposes:

– “business” – arranging for meetings, negotiations, conferences, signing and renewing contracts

– “work” – employment, providing a working place, signing a work or services contract

– “study” – enrollment based on contract, arranging for studies

– “humanitarian” – arranging for humanitarian, religious, cultural or sportive events

– “private” – migration registration at the address of housing which the inviting party has available or leasing such housing with subsequent migration registration at its address

4. The inviting party or its representative notifies the MIA of Russia of loss of contact with the foreign national who visited it and remains in Russia. The notification is submitted:

– to regional MIA department in person or sent in writing in arbitrary from (also electronically)

– within 2 business days from ascertaining the fact of the loss of contact

NB! The latter 3 measures are not required if the inviting party does not have information on the foreign national’s subsequent entries into Russia under a multiple entries visa

Who is affected?

Companies and individuals who arrange invitation letters for foreign nationals visiting Russia

Intermark comments

We would like to remind that failure to undertake the approved measures may lead to administrative fines set out by the Russian Code of Administrative Offences:

– individuals: RUB 2,000 – 4,000

– officials: RUB 45,000 – 50,000

– legal entities: RUB 400,000 – 500,000