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IMMIGRATION NEWS: HQS Employees May Be Granted One Time Entry Into The Country

26 Jun 2020 2:00 AM | Deleted user

Dear CERBA Members and Partners,

In accordance with information kindly provided by CERBA Corporate Member – Intermark Relocationthe governmental decree No. 1671-p dated 25 June 2020 foreign nationals employed in Russia as highly qualified specialists (HQS) may be allowed one time entry into Russia at the approval received from Russian state authorities.

What are the changes?

The exemptions from the current prohibition of entry into Russia for foreign nationals now extend to a new category – HQS employees who enter Russia one time based on state-approved lists.

The following conditions apply:

- The list of such employees with information on the date of entry and entry check point must be sent to the Federal Security Service and MIA of Russia by a federal executive authority (ministry) which supervises the industry of employer company’s activities;

- The restrictions on issue of work permits and invitation letters via MIA of Russia as well as issue of visas by Russian consulates abroad will not apply to HQS employees who are included in the list and stay abroad;

- Upon entering Russia such HQS employee must present, aside from passport and visa, a valid labour or services contract concluded with the Russian employer or customer.

Intermark comments:

Putting an HQS employee on the list will most likely require long and multi-stage approval procedure which will imply submitting a request from an employee company to the Russian ministry responsible for the industry of its activities, as well as receiving consequent approvals of the list by the FSS and MIA of Russia.

The decree does not elaborate on the details of the process. We expect state authorities to provide additional clarifications on the course of actions for the employer companies.

Upon entry into Russia the HQS employees will be subject to a 2-week home quarantine.

We would also like to note that the decree does not provide for possibilities of entry into Russia for the dependents of HQS employees.

Who is affected?

Foreign nationals employed as HQS and their employers.